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CEMEX USA | Concrete & Cement Manufacturing Company

CEMEX is a global building materials company that provides high quality products and reliable service to customers and communities throughout the Americas, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia.

Centrifugal Pumps: Basic Concepts of Operation, Maintenance, and

2015-10-08 · Centrifugal Pumps: Basics Concepts of Operation, Maintenance, and Troubleshooting, Part I By: Mukesh Sahdev, Associate Content Writer Presented at The Chemical Engineers’ Resource Page, The fact of the matter is that there are three types of problems mostly encountered

Concrete Pumps in Precast Plants

In a conventional construction site setting, the efficiency of concrete pumps that are used as flexible equipment to convey most diverse types of concrete is undisputed. At precast plants, however, such pumps continue to be considered rather an exception to the rule despite several decades of technical innovation in the precast industry.

New & Used Recycling Equipment and Plants for Sale

Savona Equipment is your source for New, Used, and Reconditioned Recycling Equipment of many sizes, types, and styles. All our refurbished recycling equipment will be completely disassembled and inspected. Any recycling equipment parts and components that are broken or worn will be fully repaired or replaced as required.

Using Adhesive on Concrete

Using adhesive on concrete can be a daunting task for a do-it-yourself enthusiast because you fear that any mistakes you make will be permanent. However, if you put enough planning into the task and choose the right adhesive for the right substance, you can stick whatever needs sticking with confidence!

Concrete Foundation Anchor Bolts Design

All consist of a threaded end, to which a nut and washer can be attached for the external load. Anchor bolts are extensively used on all types of projects, from standard buildings to dams and nuclear power plants. They can also be used to firmly affix embed plates to a concrete foundation when used with a structural steel element.

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Chemical Pump Maintenance

The oil level must be at the halfway point in the sight glass. (Picture: Griswold) For decades, the commonest form of pump used in chemical-processing facilities has been the centrifugal pump. These versatile machines use a rotating impeller, propeller or rotor to ...

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Seven Must-Use Concrete Admixtures (Additives)

Nov 20, 2019 · These types of concrete admixtures are commonly used to reduce the effect of high temperatures that could produce a faster initial setting of concrete. Set retarding admixtures are used in concrete pavement construction, allowing more time for finishing concrete pavements, reducing additional costs to place a new concrete batch plant on the job ...

Mix Design and Pumped Concrete

Pumping may be used for most all concrete construction, but is especially useful where space or access for construction equipment is limited. Pumping equipment consists of pumps which are three types. a) piston type concrete pump b) pneumatic type concrete pump c) and squeeze pressure type concrete pump.

Environmentally Friendly Ways to Clean Mold Off Concrete Patios

Indoors, use a power sprayer and a wet vacuum at the same time. As you blow the mold off the concrete, suck up the wastewater with the vacuum. You can also sweep the water into a nearby sump pump well. Safe Chemical Products for Mold Removal. Several products are on the market for killing mold and mildew without harsh chemicals.

Centrifugal Pumps - Working, Applications & Types

Power Zone is a leading global supplier of new, used and refurbished pumps of all leading brands. We stock an assortment of centrifugal pumps of all types and sizes, and can custom design and build pumps and packaged pump systems for your specific needs.

CCI - Plastic Tanks, Spray Equipment & Parts Sold by Chemical

Chemical Containers Inc., (CCI), is a specialist in liquid handling products. We are the largest and most diverse manufacturer, fabricator and distributor of poly tanks and sprayers in the United States. Our customer commitment is to deliver a finished product on time by the most qualified personnel available as promised.

Concrete Boom Pumps

Concrete Boom Pumps

Dosing Pump For Water Treatment Plant

Applications of Dosing pump for water treatment plant Dosing pumps are used widely across many industries. It is also an essential automation component in several industries that handle large quantities of fluids, including water treatment, agriculture, pharmaceutical, food processing, and mining.

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Waste Materials Used in Concrete Manufacturing

The principal use of lignin-based products in concrete manufacture is as chemical admixtures. The chapter describes the processing required for development of the concrete admixtures and the performance of lignosulfonate salts as chemical admixtures in concrete and their effects on hydration, microstructure, and resultant properties of concrete including durability. Lignin acts as a cementing …

Complete Plants, Process Lines, & Used Equipment

International Process Plants - Your First Choice for Complete Industrial Plants, Process Lines and Quality Used Equipment. IPP is a world-leading source of used process plants & processes and used / second-hand process equipment serving clients in the following industries:

Antifreeze Admixtures for Concrete during Cold Weather Concreting

Antifreeze Admixtures for Concrete The antifreeze admixtures affect the physical condition of the mix water used in the concreting. These can depress the freezing point of the water to a large extent and can be used in temperatures lesser than -30 degrees Celsius.

23 Types of Concrete Used in Construction and their Applications

The concrete used must be fluid in nature with enough fine material as well as water to fill up the voids. The more the finer material used, greater will be control achieved on the mix. The grading of the coarse aggregate used must be continuous in nature. Also Read: What is Pumped Concrete? Types of Concrete Pumps and Selection. 18. Stamped ...

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Stormwater Best Management Practices: Concrete Washout

with water, a chemical reaction called hydration occurs, which produces glue that binds the aggregates together to make concrete. Concrete washout. After concrete is poured at a construction site, the chutes of ready mixed concrete trucks and hoppers of concrete pump . trucks must be washed out to remove the remaining concrete before it hardens.

Concrete Plants - Concrete Equipment in MD, Belt Conveyor

Concrete Plants, Inc. is your nationwide supplier of used concrete equipment and batch plants. We are the leading supplier of concrete equipment all across the country. If you are in need of used concrete equipment and batch plants, you have come to the right ...

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PUMPS | Chemical Engineering Projects

2014/4/25 · 2. Positive displacement pumps, such as reciprocating and diaphragm pumps. The single-stage, horizontal, overhung, centrifugal pump is by far the most commonly used type in the chemical process industry. Other types are used where a high head or other

Trumix Chemical | A Concrete Admixture Company

Trumix is a concrete admixture company located in the Birmingham, Alabama area. It is a blending and packaging facility for powder admixtures in water-soluble bags that are ready to be used directly for ready-mixed, precast operations and contractors. The powder admixtures are ready to be used either at plants or at the job-sites.

A9 Chemical Pump Extends Wear Life in Ethanol Plant

A9 Chemical Pump Extends Wear Life in Ethanol Plant on May 12, 2017 It’s a fact, any pump part that comes in contact with an abrasive slurry will inevitably wear out and need replacing. ...

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